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"We live in a time when everyone self-proclaims to be an expert -- and often, due to our living in the age of stupidity, we accept statements as fact and learn otherwise later. Cas Mollien is more than what he says he is. Cas Mollien is in fact the Real McCoy. He delivers on time, under budget, and exceeds expectations -- EVERY TIME.
In his capacity as Director of IT at my previous company he made history with the scale and complexity of our company's wide area network in the heart of the emerging countries of Polynesia. In the implementation of what he termed a "self healing network," Cas not only got my attention as CEO - he got the island government telecoms attention as well when they began making unannounced visits immediately upon roll out of the "Mollien Self Healing Network".  
Cas and our country managers were fielding questions such as, "What are you doing?" - "How did you do that?" - "We're having problems with our satellite links, can you help us?" Mind you, this was when Cas setup microwave towers on our warehouses -- and at a time when nobody else in the country had fixed public IP address (except for the Banks and the Mormon Church).
Cas is either brilliant at what he does -- or most everyone else in his field is mediocre. I believe it to be both. He has become the benchmark for which I assess all other IT professionals. Poor souls."
Zachary Zemby
CEO, Summit Cargo Group
Los Angeles, CA

"One of the smartest decisions I have ever made at CII was employing your services. Your work has been nothing short of superb and I cannot sing your praises highly enough. You have represented outstanding value to us in every way. All I know is I totally respect your counsel and your ability to solve our problems.
I can only tell you we owe you plenty for where you have taken us. While times continue to be very tough for us, I only see added value with Bazic Blue. I will readily concede over the years we have made huge blunders where the only benefit out of that is we have become a great Monday morning quarterback. Working closer with you, not only keeps us at the leading edge of technology, but most importantly it also keeps our wheels turning.
We want to remain a valued client; it is as simple as that."
Julian Keeling
CEO, Consolidators International, Inc
Los Angles, CA

“Cas is a world-class professional, implementer and adviser in enterprise, business and IT solutions. It was a rare opportunity and a great pleasure to work with someone so insightful, resourceful, dedicated, reliable, and personable. He single-handedly restructured and reengineered an enterprise platform for a client retail-wholesale chain with 700+ employees and multiple departments with high accountability, precision, and professionalism. He effectively communicated and directed stakeholders and staff on all levels to manage and turn around the IT crisis that the client was facing. He was a high impact leader and delivered beyond expectations. We have no doubt that his talents, values, and abilities will be demanded everywhere.”
Howard Cheng
Co-Founder, SmartTank, LLC
Kingston, Jamaica 

"Cas has demonstrated time and time again that every T must be crossed and every i dotted. He is very meticulous and settles for nothing less than sheer perfection. He was outstanding during the time that I hired him to support my customer's IT needs. I got plenty of raves from this premier client. Cas is a team player and goes the extra mile to learn new technologies. I would definitely hire him again if the opportunity arises."
Carlos Jofre
CEO at Joffkey Corp
Miami, FL

"I've worked with Cas Mollien for years and he posses a strong knowledge of open source projects, platforms, and resources. He is a great network engineer as well as a programmer. Cas's friendly and ambitious personality makes working with him a pleasure."
Nick Haurus
CEO, ActionScriptExpert.com
New York, NY

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