And what is this 'Small Business CIO' you are speaking of? 

Many companies in today's global economy, have started out with a great idea and all of the effort is put towards realizing this great idea. All the focus is put on the development of the product and the development of the company, which is required to make the company grow. 

The problem with this situation is that usually, the IT infrastructure that the company is build on, is only set up with the bare minimum requirements in mind, often set up and maintained by the person who has most knowledge of computers, and all too often resulting in stability issues especially when 'growth happens'.


The solution to this problem is the Small Business CIO. 


In short, a CIO (Chief Information Officer) is somebody with the knowledge and experience required to understand the companies strategy and who aligns IT strategy and decisions accordingly. Since there are so many choices and business processes that are affected by any chosen technology, the CIO is the person dedicated to selecting, implementing and managing the right technology. The CIO is also somebody who puts the business requirements first and who will provide solutions that are functional, not just available. A low level CIO salary usually starts out in the mid 6 figures, which is just not feasible for growing companies.

The Small Business CIO is for companies that cannot afford to hire a full time CIO, but that see true benefits in having an IT strategist on board. This strategist will take on the rol of CIO for your company, and do this on a part-time bases. The net/net result is that the hassles of IT management, strategy, vendor relations, budgeting, documentation and even IPO preparation are no longer an issue. 



Cost savings can be continuously achieved in many different ways. We have a passion for Open Source Software and have extensive experience in using this in highly demanding production environments. Open source software is available for any platform and can offer serious savings, if implemented properly.

Now this last part is where ICT,  in most cases, stands or falls: The broader meaning of "...if implemented properly..." 

What we do best is understand what technologies actually mean for a business. Not only from a technical perspective, but from a financial and human perspective as well.

As possible, we try to avoid vendor lock-in, leaving you free to decide the vendors that you want to work with for certain projects or products.


Ultimately, technology should just work.

For the end user as well as for the business. And believe it or not: When the right choices are made, technology can 'just work'. 

Most networks (note that the word 'companies' is not used) lack a lot of core functions that offer measurements and basic monitoring to catch problems BEFORE they happen. Even something as simple as a decent firewall solution is missing far more often then you would expect. Don't even think about some configured security, user policies or remote access.

This is what we do. This is what we advise on. This is what we train IT people at. 

This stuff is bazic.

If you are interested in the Small Business CIO and would like to get more information, call us now at 305-388-1717 for a free consultation.



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